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Anthropology Spring 2011 Colloquium Series - Evolutionary Wing

Jeff Ferguson (University of Missouri) - "The "Ins and Outs" of Canada Alamosa Archaeology: Compositional analysis of ceramics and obsidian"
Monday, March 28
207 Olson Hall

Alex Alvergne (University College London) - "Is social transmission critical for the spread of low fertility norms? The case of contraceptive uptake in rural Ethiopia"
Monday, April 4
207 Olson Hall

Erik Meijaard (People and Nature Consulting International) - "Why Conservation Science Fails to Meaningfully Contribute to Orangutan Conservation"
Thursday, April 7
John Muir Institute of the Environment (JMIE) Barn Conference Room

Brenna Henn (Stanford Universtiy) - "African population history inferred from genomic data"
Monday, May 2
0273 Social Sciences & Humanitites Building

Brian Wood (Stanford University) - "Spatial models of social structure among Hadza hunter-gatherers"
Monday, May 16
0273 Social Sciences & Humanities Building