Recent Student Awards

We commend these Sociocultural Wing graduate students for their recent academic achievements.

Ph.D. completion

  • Vanessa de Koninck: Disruptions, transformations, and divisions: Negotiating joint management in Northern Australia.
  • Camilo Sanz: Oncopolitics of deferral and temporal urgency: Health insurances, biomedical practices, and cancer in Colombia.


  • Justin Haruyama: NSF
  • Whitney Larratt-Smith: CoLED Summer Research Grant

Crook Research Awards

  • Caroline McKusick: fall 2015
  • Megan Donnelly: spring 2016
  • Whitney Larratt-Smith: spring 2016

Kautz Family Award

  • Jorge Nuñez: 2015–16
  • Yi Zhou: 2016–17

Other fellowships

  • Yi Zhou: Grad Studies Travel Award, fall
  • Mariel Garcia Llorens: Miguel Velez Fellowship
  • Yi Zhou: Dissertation Provost Award
  • Tory Brykalski: Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship; Mellon Border Studies; and the Suad Joseph Graduate Research Award
  • Muneeza Rizvi: Suad Joseph Graduate Research Award; and FRI Graduate Summer Research Fellowship
  • Justin Malachowski: Suad Joseph Graduate Research Award
  • Tanzeen Doha: Hayman Foundation fellowships
  • Fatih Tatari: Mellon Border Studies, summer