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UCDZL - Mollusk collection

The mollusk collection has grown since an initial ad-hoc collection began in the late 1960s as a means of understanding shell artifacts from California archaeological assemblages. In the early 2000s graduate student Michael Kennedy increased the collection considerably with his research on prehistoric shellfish consumption at sites near Bodega Bay. The collection now houses nearly 470 specimens representing 82 different shell species.
Bivalvia Arcoida Arcidae Anadara sp. ark (cockle) 1
Bivalvia Mytilodia Mytilidae Mytilus californianus California mussel Bodega Bay, CA 26
Bivalvia Mytilodia Mytilidae Mytilus trossulus foolish mussel Bodega Bay, CA 10
Bivalvia Ostreoida Anomiidae Pododesmus cepio green falsejingle 15
Bivalvia Ostreoida Ostreidae Crassostrea gigas giant cupped oyster (Pacific oyster) 1
Bivalvia Ostreoida Ostreidae Ostrea lurida olympic oyster 2
Bivalvia Ostreoida Pectinidae Argopecten circularis Pacific calico scallop 28
Bivalvia Ostreoida Pectinidae Crassadoma gigantea giant rock-scallop 3
Bivalvia Ostreoida Pectinidae Nodipecten subnodosus giant lion's paw (scallop) 1
Bivalvia Pholadamyoida Lyonsiidae Entodesma navicula rock entodesma (northwest ugly clam) 1
Bivalvia Unionoida Magaritiferidae Margaritifera falcata western pearlshell 2
Bivalvia Unionoida Unionidae Anodonta nuttalliana winged floater (freshwater mussel) 4
Bivalvia Veneroida Cardiidae Clinocardium nuttallii nuttall cockle 2
Bivalvia Veneroida Cardiidae Trachycardium quadragenarium spiny pricklycockle 10
Bivalvia Veneroida Chamidae Chama arcana secret jewelbox 1
Bivalvia Veneroida Chamidae Pseudochama exogyra reversed chama (left-handed jewel box) 2
Bivalvia Veneroida Corbiculidae Corbicula fluminea Asian clam Japan 4
Bivalvia Veneroida Donacidae Donax cf. californicus California beanclam 30
Bivalvia Veneroida Psammobiidae Gari californica California sunset clam 1
Bivalvia Veneroida Psammobiidae Tagelus californianus California tegulus 2
Bivalvia Veneroida Tellinidae Macoma secta white-sand macoma 5
Bivalvia Veneroida Tellinidae Macoma yoldiformis yoldia macoma 3
Bivalvia Veneroida Veneridae Amiantis callosa white venus 1
Bivalvia Veneroida Veneridae Chione californiensis California chione Catalina Island, CA 17
Bivalvia Veneroida Veneridae Chione undatella frilled venus 18
Bivalvia Veneroida Veneridae Protothaca staminea Pacific littleneck Bodega Bay, CA 10
Bivalvia Veneroida Veneridae Saxidomus nuttallii California butter clam 5
Cephalopoda Octopoda Argonautidae Argonauta nouryi Nouryi's argonaut Japan 1
Crustacea Thoracica Scalpellidae Pollicipes polymerus leaf barnacle School House Beach, Sonoma Co., CA 6
Echinoidea Clypeasteroida Mellitidae Encope micropora keyhole urchin 1
Echinoidea Echinoida Strongylocentrotidae Strongylocentrotus purporatus purple sea urchin 2
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Fissurellidae Diodora aspera keyhole limpet 1
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Fissurellidae Fissurella volcano volcano keyhole limpet Catalina Island, CA 8
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Trochidae Calliostoma gemmulatum gem topsnail 2
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Trochidae Norrisia norrisi Norris's top shell Catalina Island, CA 8
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Trochidae Tegula aureotincta gilded tegula Catalina Island, CA 12
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Trochidae Tegula brunnea brown turban snail Mantana de Oro, San Luis Obispo Co., CA 3
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Trochidae Tegula eiseni banded tegula Catalina Island, CA 14
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Trochidae Tegula funebralis black turban snail Sonoma Co., San Luis Obispo Co, Catalina Island, CA 11
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Trochidae Tegula gallina speckled tegula 4
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Trochidae Tegula sp. tegula/ turban snail Bodega Bay, CA 1
Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Turbinidae Astraea undosa wavy turban Catalina Island, CA 22
Gastropoda Basommatophora Lymnaeidae Radix auricularia big eared radix not native 1
Gastropoda Basommatophora Planorbidae Helisoma anceps two-ridge rams-horn 3
Gastropoda Cephalaspidea Bullidae Bulla gouldiana Gould's bubble snail Catalina Island, CA 13
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Buccinidae Kelletia kelletii Kellet's whelk 1
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Conidae Conus californicus California cone Catalina Island, CA 29
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Conidae Conus californicus California cone 2
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Muricacea Ocinebrellus inoratus Japanese oyster drill 3
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Muricidae Acanthina cf. spirata angular unicorn 1
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Muricidae Ceratostoma nuttalli Nuttall's hornmouth 4
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Muricidae Maxwellia gemma gem murex Catalina Island, CA 3
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Muricidae Nucella canaliculata channeled dogwinkle 1
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Muricidae Nucella emarginata emarginate dogwinkle 13
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Nassariidae Nassarius fossatus channeled nassa Bodega Bay, CA 2
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Olividae Olivella baetica baetic dwarf olive Baja Calif., Mexico 4
Gastropoda Neogastropoda Olividae Olivella biplicata purple dwarf olive Sonoma Co., Catalina Island, CA 27
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Calyptraeidae Crepidula onyx onyx slipper snail 1
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Calyptraeidae Crucibulum spinosum spiny cup-and-saucer 2
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Cypraeidae Cypraea spadicea chestnut cowrie 4
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Epitoniidae Opalia borealis boreal wentletrap 1
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Naticidae Euspira lewisii Lewis' moon snail Bodega Bay, CA 3
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Naticidae Neverita reclusiana tall moon snail 1
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Naticidae Polinices draconis (cf.) Drake's moon snail 2
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Triviidae Trivia californiana California trivia Catalina Island, CA 1
Gastropoda Neotaenioglossa Vermetidae Serpulorbis squamiger scaly worm shell Catalina Island, CA 8
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Acmaeidae Acmaea mitra dunce cap limpet Bodega Bay, CA 7
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Haliotidae Haliotis corrugata pink abalone 3
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Haliotidae Haliotis cracherodii black abalone 3
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Haliotidae Haliotis fulgens green abalone 2
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Haliotidae Haliotis rufescens red abalone Bodega Bay, CA 3
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Haliotidae Haliotis sp. (fulgens/ chacherodii) hybrid abalone (green/black) 1
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Lottidae Lottia pelta shield limpet 18
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Lottiidae Lottia digitalis finger limpet 4
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Lottiidae Lottia gigantea owl limpet Sonoma Coast, CA 4
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Lottiidae Lottia scabra rough limpet 5
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Lottiidae Tectura persona mask limpet 1
Gastropoda Patellogastropoda Lottiidae Tectura scutum plate limpet 7
Maxillopoda Sessilia Balanidae Balanus glandula white acorn barnacle 9
Maxillopoda Sessilia Balanidae Balanus nubilus giant acorn barnacle Morzhovoi Bay, Lower Alaska Peninsula 1
Maxillopoda Sessilia Balanidae Megabalanus californicus acorn barnacle Catalina Island, CA 2
Polyplacophora Chitonida Acanthochitonidae Cryptochiton stelleri gumboot chiton Bodega Bay, CA 2
Polyplacophora Chitonida Mopaliidae Katharina tunicata black katy (chiton) Bodega Bay, CA 2

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