Ant 128A: Fox Field Guide (4)

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Ch. 3. Diagram 11; p. 78 [Case 1] Matrlineal, natolocal.


Note that this is identical to my rendering of diagram 4, with the one addition of the solid line (indicating individuals grouped together by residence). Fox's diagram 11 in fact is nearly identical to his diagram 4, but is drawn differently. Thus, in Fox the lineage is now upright rather than slanted; the children are shown as directly linked to their mom (who is the parent who counts for their reckoning of lineage, in any case). Fox also shows the marriage/spousal relationship with a dashed line, to indicate its attenuated role in this kind of society.

In effect, this is a matrilineal group, with sisters & brothers remaining in residence (natolocal). This arrangement has the consequence that the lineage group, and the residence group correspond (the dashed and solid boxes enclose the same set of folks). The 'father' (or 'husband') to women of lineage (open triangle to left) is "redundant except in his role as impregnator" (p. 79); the males of the lineage fill this same role with women of another matrilineage (open circles, to right).