Ant 98: Darwin Biographies

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Anthropology 98-034 (Directed Group Study) 
19th Century Origins of Evolutionary Anthropology
Winter Quarter 2004
T/Th 4:40-6:00PM; Location TBA; 4 hrs; CRN #51851

Darwin Biographies

There are many biographies of Darwin and historical (social, philosophical, etc.) accounts of Darwinism, so many in fact that they are sometimes lumped together under the term, "the Darwin Industry." The following is a short selection of biographies. You have the extra credit option (up to 20% of your grade) of reading and reporting on one book from this set. If you wish to select a volume not on this list, please discuss your choice with me before beginning. If you take up this opportunity, toward the end of the class you will be asked to report verbally a summary and review of your selection, in the discussion section.

Bowlby, John. 1990. Charles Darwin: A New Life. New York: W. W. Norton.

Bowler, Peter J. 1990. Charles Darwin: The Man and His Influence. Cambridge, MA: Blackwell.

Browne, Janet. 1996. Charles Darwin: Voyaging. New York: Random House.

Browne, Janet. 2002. Charles Darwin: The Power of Place. New York: Random House.

Desmond, Adrian, and James Moore. 1991. Darwin. New York: W. W. Norton.

Healey, Edna. 2001. Emma Darwin: The Inspirational Wife of a Genius. London:

Keynes, Randal. 2002. Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution. New York: Riverhead Books.