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Dr. David Glenn Smith, Principle Investigator

DGS_PicDr Smith is a Professor of Biological Anthropology.  He is director of the Molecular Anthropology Laboratory and holds a staff scientist appointment at the California National Primate Research Center.  His past interests and research have focused on studies of the transmission of and susceptibility to diseases, population genetic processes and the biogeography and phylogenetic history of both human and non-human primates, the breeding and management of captive colonies of non-human prmates and the influence of social structure and behavior on population structure.  Current interests include the phylogeography of the genus Macaca, genetic evidence for circumstances pertaining to the settlement of the New World, and the assessment of ancestor-descendent relationships and characterization of the genomic structures of regional populations of the genus Macaca. Current CV








Dr. Sree Kanthaswamy , co-Principle Investigator

SK_PicDr. Kanthaswamy is an Associate Adj Professor/Geneticist in the Department of Environmental Toxicology, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) .  His full profile can be found here.  Information on primate genetic management and genomic analysis through the CNPRC Analytical and Resource Core can be found here.











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Dr. Jessica Satkoski Trask, Postdoctoral Research Associate

JASTDr. Satkoski Trask is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology.  Her past research focused on the population genetics of wild and captive primate populations, and developing methods for DNA extraction from non-invasive and degraded samples.  She is currently working on the identification of SNP markers and development of a high-density SNP map in the rhesus macaque, Macaca mulatta, and closely related primate species.  In addition, she is using SNP data and next-generation sequencing technologies to investigate genetic susceptibility to human disease in non-human primates. Current CV










Debra George, Lab Manager


Wendy Garnica, Staff Research Associate

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Dr. Morteza Roodgar

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