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Recent Publications

2015 - A.H.H. Humankind. How Biology and Geography Shape Human Diversity. pp. 324. Pegasus Books.
2013 - AHH & Meijaard, E. A preliminary test of a prediction from the rafting hypothesis for the presence of non-flying mammals on islands. Journal of Indonesian Natural History, 1, 23-36.
2012. Isbell, L.A., Young, T.P. & A.H.H. Stag parties linger: continued gender bias in a female-rich scientific discipline. PLoS ONE 7(11): e49682, 4 pp.
2012 - A.H.H. Human Biogeography. pp. 319. University of California Press, Berkeley.
2012  - A.H.H. & Wood, M.A. Rivers as barriers to primate distributions in Africa. International Journal of Primatology, 33, 168-183.
2009 - Gibbons, M. A. & A.H.H. Biological correlates of extinction and persistence of primates in small forest fragments: a global analysis. Tropical Conservation Science, 2, 407-422.
2009 - A.H.Harcourt & B.M. Schreier. Diversity, body mass, and latitudinal gradients in primates. International Journal of Primatology, 30, 283-300.
2009 - Fuller, H.L., A.H.H. & S.A. Parks. Does the population density of primate species decline from centre to edge of their geographic ranges? Journal of Tropical Ecology, 25, 387-392.
2009 - Schreier, B.M., Harcourt, A.H., Coppeto, S.A., & Somi, M.F.. Interspecific competition and niche separation in primates: a global analysis. Biotropica, 43, 283-291.
2007 - A.H.H. 'Morphing monkeys', or 'geo-eco-morphology of the vervet monkey'. Journal of Biogeography, 34, 1661-1662.
2006 - A.H.H. Rarity in the tropics: biogeography and macroecology of the primates. Journal of Biogeography, 33, 2077-2087. Abstract.
2005  – A.H.H., S.A. Coppeto & S.A. Parks. The distribution-abundance (i.e. density) relationship: its form and causes in a tropical mammal order, Primates. Journal of Biogeography, 32, 565-579. Abstract.
2004 - Doherty, D.A. & A.H.H. Are rare primate taxa specialists or simply less studied? Journal of Biogeography, 31, 57-61. Abstract.

2002 - A.H.H., Coppeto, S.A. & Parks, S.A. Rarity, specialization and extinction in primates. Journal of Biogeography, 29, 445-456. Abstract.
2000 - A.H.H. Does latitude affect latitudinal range of taxa? A global analysis of the Rapoport effect in primates. Journal of Biogeography, 27, 1169-1182. Abstract.

2008 - Nunn, C.L., Thrall, P.H., Stewart, K.J., & A.H.H. Emerging infectious diseases and animal social systems.
Evolutionary Ecology, 22, 519-543. Abstract.
2005 - Coppeto, S.A. & A.H.H. Is a biology of rarity in primates yet possible? Biodiversity and Conservation, 14, 1017-1022. Abstract.
2002 - A.H.H. A biology of primate extinction, at two temporal and spatial scales. In New Perspectives on Primate Evolution and Behaviour, ed. C. S. Harcourt & B. Sherwood. pp.309-322. Westbury Press, UK. Abstract.
2001 - A.H.H. & M.W. Schwartz. Primate evolution: a biology of Holocene extinction and survival on the South-East Asian Sunda Shelf Islands. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 114, 4-17. Abstract.

2005 - A.H.H. & D.A. Doherty. Species-area relationships of primates in tropical forest fragments: a global analysis. Journal of Applied Ecology, 42, 630-637. Abstract.
2003 - A.H.H. & S.A. Parks. Threatened primate taxa experience higher human densities than do non-threatened: adding a measure of threat to the IUCN Red List criteria. Biological Conservation, 109, 137-149. Abstract.

2003 - A.H.H. An introductory perspective: gorilla conservation. In Gorilla Biology: A Multidisciplinary Perspective. (A.B. Taylor & M. L. Goldsmith, eds.) pp. 408-413. Cambridge University Press, New York.
2002 - A.H.H. Empirical estimates of minimum viable population sizes for primates: tens to tens of thousands? Animal Conservation, 5, 237-244. Abstract.
2002 - Parks, S.A. & A.H.H. Reserve size, local human density and mammalian extinctions in U.S. protected areas. Conservation Biology, 16, 800-808. Abstract.
2002 - A.H.Harcourt. Communities, Politics, Culture, and Tradition (Editorial Section Introduction). In Managing for Healthy Ecosystems. (D.J. Rapport, W.L. Lasley, D.E. Rolston, N.O. Nielsen, C.O. Qualset, and A.B. Damania, Eds.). CRC/Lewis Press.
2001 - A.H.H & Parks S.A. Human density as an influence on species/area relationships: double jeopardy for small African Reserves? Biodiversity and Conservation, 10, 1011-1026. Abstract.
2000 - A.H.H. Conservation in practice. Evolutionary Anthropology, 15, 258-265.
2000 - A.H.H. Coincidence and mismatch of biodiversity hotspots: a global survey for the order, primates. Biological Conservation, 93, 163-175. Abstract.

2001 - A.H.H. and K.J. Stewart.
Vocal relationships of wild mountain gorillas. In: Mountain Gorillas. Three decades of research at Karisoke. (M.M. Robbins, P. Sicotte & K.J. Stewart, eds.). pp. 241-262. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

2007 - A.H.H. & K.J. Stewart.
Gorilla Society. Conflict, compromise and cooperation between the sexes. 459 pp. University of Chicago Press.
2007 - A.H.H. & K.J. Stewart. Gorilla society: what we know and don’t know. Evolutionary Anthropology, 16, 147-158.
2001 - A.H.H. & J. Greenberg. Do gorilla females join males to avoid infanticide? A quantitative model. Animal Behaviour, 61, 905-915. Abstract.
2001 - A.H.H. Gorilla socio-ecology: conflict and compromise between the sexes. In: Model Systems in Behavioral Ecology. (Dugatkin, L., ed.). pp.491-511. Princeton University Press.

Stallmann, R.R. & A.H.H. Size matters: the (negative) allometry of copulatory duration in mammals. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 87, 185-193. Abstract.

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