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Click here to see pictures of fieldwork in Peru.




Tree at the top of the Sierra Nevada's next to meandering stream.




Monitor Pass, as you cross the Sierra's and drop into Long Valley.




Spot in central Nevada.




Owens Valley sunset, looking east.




Excavations at a site in Owens Valley in progress. Kevin Vaughn and company.



INY3806_2      INY3806_4

Exposure of 1400 year old house floor in Owens Valley, California. Photos show plan view (left) and cross section after excavation (right).




Whole pot collected in Owens Valley, California. Pottery was adopted about 600 years ago in this region, largely for cooking seed resources which were becoming increasingly important in local diets. This pot is curated at the Eastern California Museum in Independence, California.




1200 year-old rock-lined formal hearth from Mojave Desert. Probably used for roasting roots or bulbs.



Sherwin_Ring3     Sherwin_Ring

Two 250 year-old rock rings from Shewin Summit, Owens Valley. Such rock rings were probably used to cache green (unripened) pinyon cones. Nuts were retrieved at a later date by Paiute.




Excavations at a 250 year-old semi-subterranean house floor in southern Owens Valley, near Owens Lake. Photo shows a 6 meter trench excavated across center of house pit.



Some family photos. Life outside work...




The escape! Jasper makes his getaway in Chicago.



Biking in Munich, 2005



On the trail to Mt. Whitney. Yeah, I know, I needed a haircut.




Halloween, 1974. Guess that astronaut thing didn't quite work out for me!


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