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Current Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students of Lynne Isbell's Lab


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Amy Porter Amy Porter’s dissertation research interests are taking her to Tiputini, Ecuador, where she is investigating and comparing the dynamics of monogamous pair bonds in sympatric titi monkeys and saki monkeys.

Julie Linden

Julie Linden is interested in factors that affect chronic stress levels in captive monkeys.  She is investigating this in a large number of rhesus macaques socially housed in large outdoor enclosures at the California National Primate Research Center, here in Davis.


Eric Van Cleave received his Master's degree in Evolutionary Anthropology and is now in the Ph.D. program in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group.  He is interested in statistical modeling and field experiments as approaches to understanding animal behavior.  He has conducted field research in Laikipia, Kenya and is currently focusing on both leopard behavioral ecology and intraspecific competition for food in vervets.