Evolutionary Program Requirements

The student requirements for the UC Davis Graduate Program in Evolutional Anthropology include successful completion of preliminary and qualifying examinations, a specified curriculum, periodic progress reviews, and a dissertation that earns faculty approval.

Course Requirements

Students who are accepted into the Department of Anthropology's Evolutionary Wing graduate program begin by fulfilling core and subdiscipline requirements constituting a master's degree curriculum.

Currently Scheduled Courses

This schedule of courses in the Department of Anthropology's Evolutionary Wing may be subject to change.

Preliminary Examination

In spring quarter of the first year, each student takes a written preliminary examination that is based on courses taken during the student’s first year. Exceptions require special authorization of the graduate advisor in consultation with the major professor.

Master's Degree Program

The master’s degree may be awarded after: 1) completion of the requirements of Graduate Studies as described in the UC Davis Graduate Program Directory; 2) satisfaction of the departmental requirements; and 3) successful completion of the Preliminary Examination.

Oral Qualifying Examination

After passing all other requirements (including course work), a student begins intensive preparation for the qualifying exam. The qualifying exam is intended to test a student's depth and breadth of the knowledge that is required to undertake the dissertation research and writing. The qualifying examination normally is scheduled no later than the 10th quarter of residence.


After passing the Oral Qualifying Examination, a student may apply to be advanced to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree.

Affiliated Programs

The Department of Anthropology has established affiliations with numerous graduate groups, institutes, centers, consortia and programs throughout UC Davis.