Recent Student Awards

We commend these Evolutionary Wing graduate students for their recent academic achievements.

Ph.D. Completion

  • Andrew Tremayne: The Origin and Development of Martime Foraging Systems in Northern Alaska
  • Carly Whelan: Hunter-Gatherer Storage and Settlement: A View from the Central Sierra Nevada

Capstone Completion

  • Erika Ebel: 2017-18
  • Giulia Gallo: 2017-18
  • Bryna Hull: 2017-18
  • Neetha Iyer: 2017-18
  • Corey Johnson: 2017-18
  • Patricia McNeill: 2017-18
  • Gregory Wada: 2017-18
  • Sara Watson: 2017-18


  • Curtis Atkisson: Wenner Gren grant
  • Grace Davis: National Geographic Early Career Grant, Leakey Foundation Grant, NSF-Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and NSF Graduate Research Internship Fellowship with the Smithsonian Institution
  • Erika Ebel: Alaska Anthropological Association Student Travel Award (2018)
  • Giulia Gallo: Belgian American Educational Foundation Grant
  • Neetha Iyer: Morris Animal Foundation Grant
  • Naomi Martisius: Fulbright, NSF-Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW), Wenner Gren Grant, NSF Grant
  • Patricia McNeill: NSF-Graduate Research Fellowship (2018-21)
  • Jason Miszaniec: North Pacific Research Board Graduate Student Research Award (2018-19)
  • Sara Watson: NSF-Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) – Australia (2018-19)

Crook Research Awards

  • Roshanne Bakhtiary: 2017-18
  • Mayowa Adegboyega: 2017-18
  • Nick Lashinsky: 2017-18
  • Naomi Martisius: 2017-18
  • Susan Talcott: Fall 2015
  • Jason Miszaniec: Fall 2015
  • Dena Clink: Spring 2016
  • Xinjun Zhang: Spring 2016

Kautz Family Awards

  • Peter Stamos: 2015–16
  • Alex Greenwald: 2016–17

UC Davis Dissertation Year Fellowship

  • Nicole Naar: 2018-19

UC Davis Graduate Student Association Travel Awards

  • Mayowa Adegboyega: 2017-18
  • Naomi Martisius: 2017-18

Sacramento Archaeological Society Awards

  • Giulia Gallo: Spring 2018
  • Corey Johnson: Spring 2018
  • Naomi Martisius: Spring 2018
  • Kevin Smith: Spring 2018
  • Sara Watson: Spring 2018

Evolutionary Wing Summer Fellowships

  • Giulia Gallo: Summer 2018
  • Bryna Hull: Summer 2018
  • Neetha Iyer: Summer 2018
  • Corey Johnson: Summer 2018
  • Patrica McNeill: Summer 2018
  • Sara Watson: Summer 2018
  • Peiqi Zhang: Summer 2018


  • Smith, K. et al. 2018. Residue analysis, use-wear patterns, and replicative studies indicate that sandstone tools were used as reamers when producing shell fishhooks on San Nicolas Island, California. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 20: 502–505.
  • Davis, G.H., Crofoot, M.C, and Farine, D.F. 2018. Estimating the robustness and uncertainty of animal social networks using different observational methods. Animal Behaviour. 141: 29-44.
  • Katz, D.C., Grote, M.N., & Weaver, T.D. (2015). A mixed model for the relationship between climate and human cranial form. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 160(4): 593–603.
  • Sholts, S., Smith, K., & Warmlander, S. (In press). Paleotoxicology in Pre-Contact North America: Environment, Chemicals, and Native American Health. Smithsonian: Handbook of North American Indians.

2018-19 AGSA Officers

  • President: Mayowa Adegboyega
  • Vice President: Gregory Wada
  • Treasurer: Neetha Dyer
  • Secretary: Bryna Hull
  • GSA Representative: Corey Johnson
  • Social Events Coordinators: Roshanne Bakhtiary, Gregory Wada, Trisha McNeill

2018-19 Outreach Program

  • Outreach Director: Neetha Iyer
  • Outreach Educational Coordinators: Erika Ebel, Trisha McNeill

2018-19 CARD officers

  • President: Roshanne Bakhtiary
  • Vice-President: Bryna Hull
  • Secretary: Nick Hanten
  • Treasurer: Gregory Wada
  • Editorial Coordinator: Jason Miszaniec

Other Accomplishments

  • Mayowa Adegboyega: UC Davis Grad Slam Finalist and People's Choice Award (2018), UC Davis Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Chancellor (2018-19), UC Davis Professors for the Future Fellowship (2018-19)
  • Nicole Naar: NRC Research Associateship (postdoc) with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Evolutionary Anthropology Society Student Award at 2018 AAA for her presentation, " 'Es un desmadre': Making sense of experimental and ethnographic observations of fishing behavior."
  • Sara Watson: Co-Chair UC Davis 3D Research Symposium (2018), Co-President of the McNair Alumni Association