Advancement to Candidacy

Students can file to advance to candidacy when at least half of their coursework is completed and at least on quarter before they have attempted the Comprehensive/Capstone exam. 

Every student must file an official application for Candidacy for the Degree Master of “__”. The Candidacy for the Degree of “__” forms can be found online at: A completed form includes a list of courses the student will take to complete the degree requirements. If changes must be made to the student’s course plan after s/he has advanced to candidacy, the Graduate Adviser must recommend these changes to Graduate Studies. Students must have their Graduate Adviser and Major Professor sign the candidacy form before it is submitted to Graduate Studies. If the Candidacy is approved, the Office of Graduate Studies will send a copy to: the Major Professor (Committee Chair), the Graduate Program Coordinator, and the student. If the Office of Graduate Studies determines that a student is no eligible for advancement, the department and the student will be told the reasons for the application’s deferral. Some reasons for deferring an application include: GPA below 3.0, outstanding “I” grades in required courses, or insufficient units.