Advising and Mentoring

The Graduate Adviser: The Evolutionary Wing (E-Wing) and Sociocultural Wing (S- Wing) have separate Graduate Advisers. Graduate advisers are appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies as the official liaisons between students, the department, and Graduate Studies. Ultimate responsibility for graduation education rests with the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate, but students should regard the departmental wing graduate adviser (wing chair) and the Department Chair as the primary authorities on all matters pertaining to their degree requirements. The graduate advisers must sign applications for examinations, candidacy for degrees, etc. and, together with the Graduate Program Coordinator, are responsible for maintaining accurate records of each student's progress.

The Major Professor: A student's Major Professor is normally the chair of the student's Dissertation Committee and is therefore the faculty member who is most closely involved in the student's preparation for research and writing. The Major Professor is to be aware of the student's progress in the program and to confer with the student regularly to discuss their progress. When it is clear that one faculty member suits the academic goals of an entering student, that faculty member may be designated the student's Major Professor upon matriculation. Otherwise, the wing chair assigns an Interim Major Professor with whom the student meets for the entry evaluation and initial course goals. The Major Professor is to be identified by October of the second year. Mentoring guidelines are found on the Office of Graduate Studies web page .