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Sociocultural Anthropology

This section provides information about the Sociocultural Anthropology graduate program, including: program requirements, areas of specialization, designated emphases, and recent student accomplishments.

Program Requirements

The UC Davis Sociocultural Anthropology program requirements include successful completion of preliminary and qualifying examinations, a specified curriculum, periodic progress reviews, and a dissertation that earns faculty approval.

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Areas of Specialization

The Sociocultural Anthropology Wing offers graduate students a choice among five areas of specialization.

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Designated Emphases

A designated emphasis is a specialization that can give participants access to a new method of inquiry or to an important field of application. Participation in a DE gives graduate students access to a broadened network of faculty members, which can prove helpful when they are composing their qualifying examination and dissertation committees.

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Recent Student Awards

We commend these Sociocultural Wing graduate students for their recent academic achievements.

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