Sociocultural Program

Here you will find information about our Sociocultural Wing graduate program, subdisciplines from which to choose, advising, research opportunities, and more.

Sociocultural Program Requirements

The student requirements for the UC Davis Graduate Program in Sociocultural Anthropology include successful completion of preliminary and qualifying examinations, a specified curriculum, periodic progress reviews, and a dissertation that earns faculty approval.

Student Funding and Financial Support

Anthropology graduate students may qualify for various means of financial support, including teaching assistantships, graduate student researcher positions and fellowships. Students who accept employment in these positions are awarded full registration fee remission paid by the university. This credit does not always include nonresident tuition fees.

Areas of Specialization

The Sociocultural Anthropology Wing offers graduate students a choice among five areas of specialization.

Designated Emphases

Students in the Anthropology Doctoral Programs may declare a “designated emphasis” (D.E.) through any of seven programs that have established an affiliation with our department.

Recent Student Awards

We commend these Sociocultural Wing graduate students for their recent academic achievements.