Student Funding and Financial Support

Anthropology graduate students may qualify for various means of financial support, including teaching assistantships, graduate student researcher positions and fellowships. Students who accept employment in these positions are awarded full registration fee remission paid by the university. This credit does not always include nonresident tuition fees.

Teaching Assistants and Readers

One way in which the Department of Anthropology supports graduate students is by hiring them as teaching assistants (TAs) or readers in part-time positions.

Research Assistantships

Individual faculty members award Graduate Student Research (GSR) assistantships from faculty research grant funding.

Internal Fellowships

Fellowships provide financial support for stipends, tuition and fees, nonresident supplemental tuition, research and travel.

Work Study and Financial Aid

Many forms of financial aid, including work-study programs, are available for graduate students in the UC Davis Department of Anthropology.

Other Student Funding Sources

Additional information about potential graduate student funding is available from various UC Davis campus and external resources.