Teaching Assistants and Readers

One way in which the Department of Anthropology supports graduate students is by hiring them as teaching assistants (TAs) or readers in part-time positions.

Teaching Assistants

Students who are appointed to TA positions are expected to work 20 hours per week for 12 weeks per quarter.
TAs receive a full remission of their health insurance and student services health fee, registration and educational fees. Local fees, including Graduate Student Association (GSA) fee, Memorial Union fee, facilities and campus enhancement fee, and student facilities safety fee (combined amount subject to change each year), are not included in the fee remission.
The Budget and Institutional Analysis Division maintains up-to-date information on fees.


Graduate students who work as readers render diverse services as a course assistant, including the grading of student papers and examinations. Duties in this position begin on the first day of classes for the quarter appointed, and terminates on the last day of the quarter (last day of finals).
Readers’ hours vary per week and typically correspond to busy times in the quarter such as midterms and finals. A Reader with a 25 percent appointment shall not be assigned a workload of more than 110 hours per quarter, nor should a reader expect to work more 20 hours in any one week or more than four hours in one day.