Work Study and Financial Aid

Many forms of financial aid, including work-study programs, are available for graduate students in the UC Davis Department of Anthropology.
The UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships office is an excellent source of reliable, comprehensive information about work-study programs and other sources of financial aid. Visit the Graduate Financial Aid Office at 1100 Dutton Hall or call (530) 752-9246 (students with hearing impairments can dial 711 on campus to reach CRS). for information and deadlines.


The online Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) is available by the beginning of January. Be sure to complete the
application by the March deadline. Your eligibility will be determined and forwarded to the UC Davis Financial Aid Office. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Information also has information about federal student assistance programs.
We strongly encourage graduate applicants to submit a "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) filing as early as possible and not later than the March deadline. This form, submitted directly to the Federal Student Aid Program Office in Iowa City, Iowa, is used to determine eligibility for financial aid funds, including work-study and other "need-based" fellowships. The FAFSA also is required for eligibility to receive university and departmental fellowships.
NOTE: FAFSA is required for eligibility to receive a university or departmental fellowship. We strongly urge all domestic applicants to submit a FAFSA filing by the March deadline.


Work-study funds are allocated to graduate programs in the form of a work-study block grant. These funds are awarded to students in their programs. In order to be eligible you must be: determined financially eligible by the Financial Aid Office; be a U.S. Citizen or resident; and be selected for a graduate student researcher assistantship of 25 percent or more by a UC Davis faculty member. Your major professor should make a request to the graduate program coordinator for these funds in the spring for the following academic year, confirming that the matching funds are available. Awards will be made for either 25 percent or 50 percent support. In addition to the financial eligibility requirement, students must be eligible for employment as a UC Davis graduate student.