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Woman the hunter: Ancient Andean remains challenge old ideas of who speared big game - Dr. Randy Haas

Congratulations to Dr. Randy Haas, who is lead author on a new article (11/4/2020) that made the cover of Science Advances, "Female Hunters of the Early Americas."

 It has also been featured in Science Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic and the New York Times. His research team unearthed the remains of a 9000-year old burial of a young adult woman associated with a hunting toolkit of stone points, ocher and animal processing tools in the highlands of Peru. These findings add to a growing dataset consistent with nongendered labor practices in hunting large game. Other UC Davis anthropology authors include Jelmer Eerkens and Tammy Buonasera, graduate student Kevin Smith, and former undergraduate Jennifer Chen (’19). This work by the Collasuyo Archaeological Research Institute in Peru is in collaboration with Indigenous community members.