National Research Council Rankings

The UC Davis Department of Anthropology attains rankings of 7 to 21 in various National Research Council (NRC) categories comparing doctoral programs in anthropology nationwide.

In the NRC doctoral programs rankings, UC Davis attains an overall ranking of 7 when weighing criteria that scholars say are most important. It also ranks as high as 13 in quality of research, an assessment derived from faculty publications, citation rates, grants, and awards. And it scores a high of 13 in students' completion rates, financial aid, and other criteria measuring student performance.

The Department of Anthropology has great breadth, combined with penetrating depth in focused areas of research in our two distinct but related disciplinary wings: Evolutionary Anthropology and Sociocultural Anthropology.

Our Evolutionary Wing faculty members include biological anthropologists and archaeologists who specialize in the study of human and primate biology and behavior in ecological contexts over archaeological and evolutionary timescales.

Our Sociocultural Wing faculty members encompass social, cultural, and linguistic anthropologists committed to understanding how people organize their lives and interpret their circumstances in the modern and postmodern world.