Center for Experimental Archaeology (CEAD)

CEAD is a multidisciplinary study group in the UC Davis Department of Anthropology with a primary focus on experimental archaeology. CEAD members are undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and invited researchers using experiments, lab and computational methods to address archaeological and evolutionary research questions.

Ongoing Research at CEAD

The Center for Experimental Archaeology at UC Davis (CEAD) is an interdisciplinary research group which aims to explore archaeological questions through actualistic studies designed by UC Davis undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral candidates and faculty members. Areas of interest include: the heat treatment of flint, the specialized use of bone tools, the mechanical properties of cortical bone in relation to use-wear analyses, and the variation found between and within different stone tool technological complexes. Being a part of the CEAD research group provides an opportunity for members of the UC Davis community to gain experience planning and executing experimental projects that have relevance to personal research questions.