Following the campus guidelines for Coronavirus all UC Davis classes, lectures, seminars, labs and discussion sections will move to virtual instruction and remain virtual through the end of fall quarter 2020, including final exams. Given this, the department’s administrative functions have moved to remote work conditions. To contact staff members of the department via e-mail or phone, please go to our administrative staff contact page. 


Paleoanthropology is the study of human evolution through the fossil and archaeological records.

It is an interdisciplinary field whose practitioners include biological anthropologists, Paleolithic archaeologists, earth scientists and geneticists. UC Davis Paleoanthropologists work in Africa, Asia and Europe, and particularly focus on understanding modern human origins, Neandertals, early hominins, and human biological variation. They lead field work in Mongolia and South Africa, as well as participate in field projects in China, France and Morocco. They also work on developing mathematical, computational and experimental approaches for analyzing archaeological and fossil data.