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Following the campus guidelines for Coronavirus all UC Davis classes, lectures, seminars, labs and discussion sections will move to virtual instruction and remain virtual through the end of spring quarter 2020, including final exams. Given this, the department’s administrative functions have moved to remote work conditions. To contact staff members of the department via e-mail or phone, please go to our administrative staff contact page. 

Major Check

You can now use My Degree to do a self-check of your major requirements. MyDegree is an online advising tool that allows students to understand their degree requirements, track their progress towards degree completion, and explore alternative and/or additional fields of study. My Degree creates a custom audit for each student to serve as a roadmap for academic success. In launching this new resource, we anticipate a period of discovery as campus acclimates to the system. Our advising office is working to update each student's file in MyDegree, but we do anticipate errors and challenges that will need to be addressed. We appreciate your partnership in introducing this supplement to academic advising as we continue to develop this resource together. My Degree is not a replacement for academic advising nor does it override any decisions made by academic advising units or Dean's Offices. The My Degree audit is not an official confirmation of degree completion, and it is not an official transcript. For questions or inquiries regarding My Degree, please contact the team at

Please do not hesitate to schedule an advising appointment if you have any questions or concerns about your major requirements!


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