2015-16 Tentative Course List

These offerings are subject to change, always check with the department for the most updated course offerings

*Please note that the list below is tentative and subject to change.



Fall 2015 Winter 2016 Spring 2016
1 Human Evolutionary Biology 1Y Human Evolutionary Biology (Hybrid Version) 1 Human Evolutionary Biology 
2 Cultural Anthropology 2 Cultural Anthropology 2 Cultural Anthropology
3 Introduction to Archaeology 3 Introduction to Archaeology 3 Introduction to Archaeology
26 Mummies (2 units) 15 Human Life Cycle 30 Sexualities 
100 Theory in Social-Cultural Anthropology 20 Comparative Cultures 32 Drugs, Science, and Culture 
101 Ecology, Nature, and Society 54 Into. to Primatology 
104N Cultural Politics of the Environment 23 Introduction to World Prehistory 121 Medical Anthropology 
126A Anthropology of Development 101 Ecology, Nature, and Society 123AN Resistance and Rebellion 
129 Health and Medicine in a Global Context 131 Ecology and Politics
130BN Migration and Place 144 Cultures and Societies of Latin America 140B Cultures/Societies of East and South Africa
132 Psychological Anthropology 145 Performance, Embodiment, and Space in South Asia 141B Ethnography of California and Great Basin 
137 Meditation and Culture 146N Anthropology of Europe 151 Primate Evolution 
148A Culture and PoliticalEconomy in Contemporary China 152 Human Evolution 154C/CL  Behavior and Ecology of Primates
154A The Evolution of Primate Behavior 153 Human Biological Variation 170 Archaeology Theory and Methods
156A Human Osteology 156B Advanced Human Osteology 177 African Prehistory
172 Peopling the New World 176 Prehistory of California and Great Basin 182 Archaeometry
179 Asian Prehistory 180 Zooarcheology 191 Media Anthropology*
185 Intro. to Lithic Analysis 191 The Oceanic Imagination (Kahn)* 191 Arts and Cultures of the Indian Ocean World*
191 The Culturally Constructed Self* 191 Ethnographies of Israel *

*Sociocultural Emphasis Course