ANT 145: Performance, Embodiment, and Space in South Asia

The South Asia region is an energetic center of global transformation carrying with it the dreams and challenges of a fourth of humanity. It includes the incredible richness of regional cultures in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Maldives and their diasporas. This undergraduate course is an intensive introduction to the issues and processes that have shaped South Asia and the connections of this region with the world beyond its boundaries.
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ANT 002; or consent of instructor


Spring 2023


By focusing on performance, embodiment, and space, this course invites a thematic consideration of the region. The readings and films critically explore the relationship between politics and the body through the life, thought, and practices of Gandhi and Ambedkar; the partition of South Asia; cities, urban cultures, and the production of space; gender, sexuality, and postcolonialism; sports and culture; South Asian writing in English; space, performance, and history; youth culture and citizenship; and bodies and diasporas across and beyond the Indian Ocean world.