The 2023 Archaeology Field School

The UC Davis Archaeology Field School offers hand-on, research-driven training in archaeological field methods.

2023 Field School Information

Application Link available here

A recording of the Jan 10th information session about the 2023 field school is here. 


If you are interested in getting hands-on experience working on an archaeological excavation, there are still spots available at the ANT Summer 2023 Archaeological Field School! Students will get their hands dirty, gaining practical field experience toward careers in archaeological research and cultural resource management.  

This year’s field school will be overseen by Anthro instructor John Darwent and held at Blue Oak Ranch Reserve from August 14-September 9, 2023. Students will gain skills in archaeological survey, mapping of archaeological sites, and identification of artifacts as well as getting to know other ANT students! Please note- it is strongly recommended all field school participants have completed ANT 181 or enroll in this course in spring 2023. 

Students will receive four units of UC Davis academic credit under ANT 181L and have the option to receive additional units under ANT 198 to be eligible for summer financial aid. 

Inquiry Contact:

  • John Darwent-

Applications consist of a filled application form (link below) as well as a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation speaking to academic merit or ability to succeed in field archeology work are preferred. We can accept more general work experience letters - please contact us with questions concerning the application process. 

Application link

Inclusivity Statement - The UC Davis Field School expects all participants to abide by the UC Davis Policy on Student Conduct and is dedicated to making the field environment a safe and welcoming place for all students.