Field School Equipment

Field Equipment
All equipment necessary for excavating, surveying, recording, photographing, and measuring will be supplied by the field school. This will include trowels, tape measures, clipboards, bags, pencils, line levels, GPS equipment, first-aid supplies, screens, and other necessary equipment. Students can bring their own but should have some way of identifying it from the field school's equipment.
- 1 pair of sturdy work gloves of your choice (I recommend leather or latex coated; I advise against cotton)
- 1 pair (2 recommended) of long work pants (you want something made of canvas or thicker denim (for example [not an endorsement], to an external site. or to an external site.) Note: they do not have to be Carhart--other manufacturers, such as Dickies, can be cheaper. Also, thick tactical pants will work as well. We are looking for apparel that is thorn resistant)
- 2 pairs of long pants (regular jeans or hiking pants). These can be thinner materials that are more comfortable to wear 
Note: No shorts will be allowed during fieldwork. In part, this rule is for sun protection, but also, the thicker pants will be required for surveying, mapping, and excavation in areas where there are thorns and poison oak.
-1 pair of hiking boots: can be leather or canvas, should come above the ankles (e.g., not hiking shoes). Examples
image.png  image.png
- Sturdy hiking socks (~5 pairs)
1 hat (I recommend full brim but not an Indiana Jones-style hat because they are excessively sweaty). Everyone will be required to wear hats during fieldwork
3-4 works shirts: these are shirts you are willing to get dirty. Long sleeves are optional, but tank tops and crop tops are not allowed on-site.
Other Required Equipment:
- A sleeping bag (a 3-season bag will be adequate. I would recommend against an arctic bag because you will overheat)
- A day pack (consider one with a water bladder) where you can fit your lunch
- Minimally one water bottle (32 OZ or 1 liter in capacity)
- Sunscreen 
- Bug spray
- Toiletries and personal medications
- Underwear (you can go commando, as it is a personal choice, but I would recommend against it). The number you bring depends on whether you will be staying on the weekends. 
- A practical belt
- 1-2 sweatshirts for evening wear (it does cool down after dark)
- Clothes for the evening (shorts, t-shirts, pants, socks)
- Swimsuit
- Light jacket for evening
- A flashlight (you can use your phone if it has that option)
- Running shoes or similar shoes for after-work hours
- Personal, supportive undergarments 
- Sleepwear
- Shower sandals
- A lunch kit (which will fit in your day pack)
- Personal first-aid kit: Tylenol, moleskin, bandaids, ibuprofen, antibiotic cream (Note: the field school will have first aid supplies as well)
- Technu (this will be available as well through the field school, but it is good to have your own supply)
- Pillow (you can shove clothing into the sleeping bag holder, but real pillows are preferable
- Bath towel (showers are available)
- Ear plugs for noisy nighttime neighbors
- Personal entertainment (e.g., a smartphone with music, kindle, books, etc.)
Please note: There are laundry facilities that can be used; however, there will be some competition for them if everyone decides to do their laundry all at once. Bring enough clothing that you will not be constantly running out.