The Department of Anthropology offers numerous academic enrichment opportunities and recommends potentially constructive connections for undergraduate students.

Honors Program

The Department of Anthropology offers undergraduate students an opportunity to demonstrate their scholarly potential by conducting original research and writing a thesis under the one-on-one guidance of a faculty mentor.

Undergraduate Research

Anthropology undergraduates enjoy a wide range of opportunities to become involved in research.

Global Learning

UC Davis is committed to preparing the next generation of global problem solvers and change makers. As such, we want to prepare you to thrive in an interdependent world and solve global challenges collaboratively, equitably, and sustainably. We want to help students connect to the Global Learning Hub, an office on campus that wants to see students engage in global learning experiences before they graduate.

Professional Associations

Professional associations offer opportunities to connect with other people interested in anthropology and to learn more about research and career opportunities at a national or global level.


Internships help students better understand their career interests, and frequently to lead to employment opportunities after graduation.

ANT Variable Unit Form (ANT 99, 198, or 199)

ANT 192 Internship Form

Study Abroad Courses

Database of study abroad courses and their UC Davis equivalents.





Description of ANT Honors 2023-24 Eligibility and Application Process